Best Place & Where to Put Microwave in Small Kitchen?

In today’s article, I will try to answer some of the questions such as where to put microwave in small kitchen? Or what’s the best place to put microwave in small kitchen& apartment?

Modern kitchens are so big that sometimes we forget to take the time to put things in them wisely. There is no space for containers, so when we need to put something small in a microwave, we usually end up with a mess on our hands. To avoid this, know where the microwave is, and where it is not.

The microwave is a great device, but sometimes it can be difficult to find where it should be in the kitchen. There are lots of different microwave instructions on the internet, so should you follow them, or should you use your own preferences and use a different microwave if that’s what you want?

So here is the list of best places where to put microwaves in a small kitchen!

  • Build-in with the trim kit
  • Over the range
  • On an upper shelf
  • On a Lower shelf
  • In the Drawer
  • Hidden in the Cabinet.

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