How Many Watts is Low Power For Microwave? Ultimate Guide For Beginner’s

This is a step-by-step microwave wattage guide that means how many watts you need to have in your Microwave.

You may have a Question, I’m a complete newbie and I want to know how many watts is low power for microwave or what percentage of power is low on microwave before going to make the decision of choosing a new microwave oven.

Remember, before going to buy any kind of microwave from the market, first of all, you need to understand how watts actually work.

Basically, In this post, you’ll learn the two most important things when comes to microwave wattage.

  1. The concept of power wattage in the microwave.
  2. How Many Watts do you need to have in your microwave if you want to use it for basic needs?

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Normally, from 500 watts to 800 watts consider a Medium wattage microwave which means it can offer you only basic things such as reheating and defrosting, etc.

On the other side, from 900 watts to 1200 watts is already the highest or powerful Microwave oven. Now, you may have another question in your mind,

Watts Matter in Microwave?

On this point, my short answer is Yes, Wattage matters a lot in Microwaves a higher-wattage microwave cooks your foods, quickly and thoroughly as compared to a lower watts microwave.

My Suggestion in Microwave Wattage.

Here are my short suggestions and recommendation for microwave wattage.

If you want to use the microwave for basic needs then I suggest you choose up to 800 watts microwave and in order to get fast and quick results then 1000 watts to 1200 wattage microwave might be sufficient for your needs.

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