Top 4 Best Microwave For Small Apartment Of 2023

How to choose the best microwave for small apartment? This is the only question a lot of people searches for every single day that’s why I’m here.

Today in this article, we’re going to share with you the top quality best microwave for an apartment I mean if you like to enjoy cooking a variety of foods to eat in your apartment then you definitely need to have a microwave oven.

Because microwave is one of the main important parts of our daily routine life. They make life so much easier. But if you lived in an apartment then it means that the size of your kitchen is too small.

In all of these conditions, you need to go with small or mini microwaves that fulfill your basic needs e.g for cooking, reheating, defrosting, and much much more.

So after very carefully research finally I picked up top one microwave oven that is more suitable for your apartment which is also the recommendations of field experts and user’s experience.

They also take less space and consume less electricity which means that it is a low-wattage microwave oven that comes with also very affordable price etc.

If you’re ready then let’s go…

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4 Best Microwave For Apartment Reviews.

Best Microwave For Small Apartment Overall: Amazon Basic Microwave Ovens

Best Microwave For Small Apartment

It has a 0.7 Cubic feet capacity. If you have a tight budget and looking for a microwave then the amazon basic microwave oven is an excellent choice. It comes on the market at a very affordable price. It is an inexpensive microwave but that doesn’t mean that it provides you poor quality.

These compact microwave ovens save space on the counter and are a perfect selection for apartment studios and for college apartments etc.

Now, what are the main features they give you at a very cheap price if you make a purchase from the market?

It is a low wattage, Easy to defrost by weight and time, has 10 adjustable power levels, Completes your cooking needs, and has removable turntables.

The overall best thing that I personally like is a Voice, It means that you can easily control your voice.

Best Compact Microwave For Apartment: Panasonic NN-SB438S Black Stainless Steel Microwave Ovens.

The Panasonic NN-SB438S microwave has a 0.9 cubic feet capacity. (And typically the size is.

19.1 inches W x 14.8 D inches 11.5 inches H). This microwave oven is more effective, full-featured, and provides the best cooking results in a very short time. Because It has 900 watts high power and 10 power levels options.

The Panasonic NN-SB438S overall the best microwave for a small apartment, if you’re basic needs, is cooking for small families. It makes cooking more effective for people who’re living in a small apartments. It included 3 popcorn power level buttons, keep warm features, fast cooking facilities, Child Safety Lock, and more.

Best Budget Microwave For Small Apartment: Nostalgia RMO7AQ Low Wattage Microwave Ovens.

View price here on Amazon

The Nostalgia RMO7AQ is a low-watt and easy-to-use microwave for apartments. It offers you various features and supports your small families. Low wattage means low electricity consumption.

Nostalgia RMO7AQ best budget microwave oven comes with a quick program which is known as a dial knob. Reheat leftovers, cook dinners, and even warm-up beverages.

It also features 12 pre-programmed easily cooking settings, and fast reheating results like pizza, potatoes, popcorn, etc. It comes in the market with 5 different colors Choose any one of them which matches your small apartment colors.

Best Quality Microwave For Small Apartment: GE Appliances JES1095BMTS Black Stainless steel 900 watts Microwave Ovens.

There is no difference between the GE Appliances JES1095BMTS microwave oven for apartments and the Panasonic NN-SB438S stainless steel microwave. Because it offers you the same features that I mentions before in the article so far.

It also comes with a 0.9 cubic feet capacity. And GE always provides awesome technology to their customers so that they easily use them for a long time.

The GE microwave has a compact size, timeless, works great, looks great, and also fits into your small apartment as well.

It includes 7 different convenient cooking controls and prepares your popular foods with a single touch button. e.g Pizza, Potatoes, vegetables, and more.


These are our top picks that I shared with you in this post so far. no doubt all of the microwaves are the best, small size apartments. And I hope this microwave for apartment reviews post helps you a lot. If you have any questions then comment down below.

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